Taking the (Blazeman) Plunge

wpid-wp-1420426200305.jpeg Pre-plunge. Harry didn’t know that the dress code was casual.

I have a big mouth.

Last summer, several friends “challenged” me to dump a bucket of ice water over my head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Being the dummy that I am, I decided that this was no challenge. In fact, this was the wimp’s way out. Not tough enough for a triathlete like me. Cold water on a hot day sounded easy, almost refreshing to me. A real challenge would be to jump, nay plunge, into a body of very cold water. Hence, the Avalon Blazeman Plunge of 2015.


 As you can see, I tried to reverse mid-plunge. I failed.

LOTS of people said they would join us. FEW people actually had the courage to show up. Those of you who bailed, well, you shall remain unnamed here. I will not shame you by listing your name here in BIG, BOLD LETTERS. You know who you are.

It was just myself and three other bold, brazen, numb-above-the-neck people on Saturday, December 28th at 12:00. While the air was a balmy 52 degrees, the water couldn’t have been warmer than 45. Susan Smith, Harry Dunne (a.k.a. Southender Timmy T), and swimming pal and George Mason University freshman Josh Gordon. It’s a good thing he didn’t do this last year. The university may not have admitted him. You know, on account of being stupid.

It’s easy to describe the feeling of being completely submerged in frigid water: complete panic. Your brain is screaming GET ME OUT OF HERE! Your mouth would probably scream the same thing, if you could get any air into your lungs. The upside is that I removed any last hint of inflammation from my body.

While Susan jumped in first, I beat her to the ladder. This was a good thing, because if she had been in front of me, I would have definitely elbowed her in the head to get in front and out first. Evidence:

plunge4 Where am I? Completely submerged and wishing I had my donut float. 

plunge5 Great entry by Tim

plunge8College boy does a cannon ball!!!

Of course, all of this frigid frivolity was for a good cause. We all made our donations to the Blazeman Foundation’s War on ALS. Fellow triathlete Marky B. could not join us on the Seven Mile Island, so he jumped into a freezing lake on Tulsa, Oklahoma, where there was snow on the ground. That effort gets a five donut rating:1f3691f3691f3691f3691f369.

It was a lot of fun. Mostly once I was out of the water, that is. Next time, I will probably just plop some ice cubes in a bucket of water, dump it over my head, and keep my mouth shut.


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