Seriously, I don’t know how the Bike Snob does it. He writes a new, hilarious blog post every day. He’s found a deep reservoir of hilarity that he can revisit countless times, and it never runs dry. Of course, I assume it’s his full-time job. No teaching or coaching for him. Plus, he has a wife. I wish I had a wife. Wifes are good.

Also, I don’t triathlon year-round. I am currently not triathloning. I’m training a bit, but not racing. I’m not reading about triathlon, watching triathlon, thinking about triathlon, tweeting about triathlon. I’m not following my favorite pros. I don’t have favorite pros. I don’t really know any pros, except Cameron Dye, who is my best friend, and Rinny, who talks funny. I’m not selling or looking to buy any equipment.

I guess all of this makes me an incredibly mediocre triathlete. Whew. Thank God for that. Exceptionalism makes me break out in hives. Type A is overrated and exhausting. The pursuit of excellence follows a road that doesn’t pass any bakeries,


post-ride sprinkles at Clay’s bakery

and it certainly doesn’t pass any moose. Mooses? Meese, I think.


So I’m sorry for the scarcity of posts. The bad news is life is getting in the way of this incredibly fun hobby. The good news is that life, a.k.a. my job, takes a six-week hiatus very soon. Then, I’m going to write so much that you’ll be sick and tired of me. You’ll be choking on blog posts. You’ll scream “Dear God, enough already! Just shut up!”

I promise.

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