TMT Product Review-ReVerb Wireless Headphones

Ah, Gotham. I miss you. We had some good times back in July. You hosted the Panasonic NYC Triathlon, and my Press Domestique and I covered it like Woodward and Bernstein covered Watergate. You rained on me, but that was fine because we had some sweet Waldorf Astoria umbrellas:

NYC tri 276

You brought Cameron Dye and I together:
cropped-nyc-tri-172.jpgAnd….you got me a free pair of ReVerb Wireless Headphones:

NYC tri 146

Chris from ReVerb gave me a pair, with the agreement that I would use them and then write a review on THE BLOG. So here we go. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom, because there’s a COUPON down there.

Everything came in a hard, protective case. Open it up, and you’ll find the headphones, a charging USB cable, and an instruction sheet. The charging cable is a pretty common one, so if you lose it, you’ll probably have another one that will work.  My Garmin charger is identical.


Cool case!


Open it up and WHOA! What’s that? A TMT sticker???


Headset and charging cable.


 Headphones getting gassed up while I write THE BLOG.

Wireless headphones have no wires. (TA-DA!! Who’s the smartest blogger you know?) The headphones use Bluetooth technology to talk to your music playing device. It’s extremely easy to connect. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone (or iPod, whatever) then hold the phone button on the headset until the red and blue lights blink quickly. This means the devices have paired, or found each other. So romantic.

Now it’s time to run.

Click on this link to see me out for a run, wearing the ReVerb Headphones. You should watch this, if not for additional product information, then at least for comic relief.

I have devised The TMT Donut Rating System for this and all future gear testing. I’m happy to test anything. Running shoes, wet suits, race wheels. Also, baked goods and fine California wines. Really anything. Just drop it in the mail to me. (Zipp? Are you listening?) Each category will be rated on a scale of one to five donuts, with five donuts being the best. With this rating system, half a donut means I got hungry while writing the review.



  •  I love wireless. I run on the treadmill often. I put my phone on the treadmill, and eventually the hands on the ends of my insanely swinging arms will grab the headphones wire and rip them out of my ears. Then I panic and fall of the treadmill. Problem solved.
  • The ear piece fits comfortable inside my ear. No pain.
  • I ate half a donut because the beefy part of the headset can be awkward for pony-tailed people. Do I put the headset under or over the pony-tail? Do I wear a low pony or a high pony with them? Still working on that.



  • Being hugely techno-disabled, I loved how easy it was to pair with my phone. I listen to Pandora on an HTC One phone. My daughters paired the headphones with an iPhone 5 and an iTouch with no problem. Now I just need them to stop stealing the headphones.
  • They tell me the headphones are water-resistant, so no worries about killing them with inordinate amounts of sweat. I am just taking their word for it. I’m a lady, so I never sweat. Instead, I perspire. And I never perspire.



  • “Spoon Man” by Soundgarden. Reee-donk-u-lous sound.
  • Good enough to block out the incredibly annoying woman on the beach one day, who couldn’t stop talking about the shirt she bought at Old Navy. Sheesh.



  • They are a bit pricey at $120. At least they are to me, but I’ve been known to squeeze the life out of a dollar. (My Cervelo has 15 year-old Dura Ace shifters. I just know I can get two decades out of those suckers.) Of course, the last set of headphones that I bought were $50. They are waterproof earbuds and I love them. But they are not wireless, and as you read earlier, they get tangled in my frequent treadmill flailing. If the ReVerbs last a long time, this rating will earn another donut or two.
  • This would be a good time to mention that the ReVerb Wireless Headphones have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Now that’s pretty sweet.



My brother is a techno-dork. He loves everything Bluetooth. He also tried them out. He really liked the sound, and the fact that they stayed put on his head. He prefers an ear piece that wraps completely around the ear. I didn’t know what that meant.



I really like my headset! I use it all the time, especially at the gym. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to try them out, so thanks to Chris. If you would like more information, visit their website at And, IF YOU ACT RIGHT NOW, you can receive a special TMT discount of 25% off!! Just enter the code DONUT upon check out. How cool is that?

Holy crap. First the stickers, now my own coupon code. You can’t stop me. You can only hope to contain me.

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