Sunset Kids Triathlon-A TMT Race Report

I found this definition on the Google today:

me·di·o·cre (mēdēˈōkər) adjective-of only moderate quality; not very good.
This picture followed:

wpid-wp-1406502641611.jpegAs my mother used to say, “It’s nice to be known for something other than robbing banks.”

The Fourth Annual Sunset Drive Kids Triathlon occurred on Saturday, and the TMT News Team was there to cover every moment, from pre-race donuts to post-race watermelon. Nearly 50 kids swam in the bay, rode three Sunset Drive loops, and ran one loop on a glorious summer morning. And as hard as I tried on Saturday, August 9th, I could not find one mediocre triathlete. Every triathlete was simply awesome.

The Race Directors Tim and Susan Terranova started the race four years ago in the hopes that they would make piles of money and become filthy rich. Plus, they had this hideous thing in their house, and thought that if they made it into a trophy that someone would finally take it. cropped-sunset-kids-tri-008.jpg

Are you sure you want to bring this home?

Their initial greedy rotten intentions proved fruitless. The race is free and open to any kid who wants to participate, which everyone knows is a profit margin killer. In fact, they lost a lot of money this weekend just buying donuts to ensure full media coverage. Sunset kids tri 006

The powdered sugar down the front of my shirt served nicely as my press pass.

Too many words will spoil this post. Today it’s all about the pictures. We here at TMT want you to feel like you were right there, in the middle of all the action:

Sunset kids tri 001

Wait. Just. One. Minute. Sponsored by Miller Lite? I didn’t see any Miller Lites…


Sunset kids tri 063 Sunset kids tri 074 Sunset kids tri 055 Sunset kids tri 051 Sunset kids tri 080 Sunset kids tri 068Sunset kids tri 035Sunset kids tri 037         


Sunset kids tri 084

Sunset kids tri 094


Sunset kids tri 082


Sunset kids tri 097


Sunset kids tri 108 Sunset kids tri 117Sunset kids tri 101


Sunset kids tri 021

Assistant Race Director. Holding a clipboard makes you look important. I need a clipboard.

Sunset kids tri 010Previous winners.

Sunset kids tri 025

Pre-race sign in.

Sunset kids tri 141 Sunset kids tri 110 Sunset kids tri 111  Sunset kids tri 124

As you can see, everyone had a great day. Lots of smiles, proud mamas and papas, and plenty of watermelon and Hershey bars.

(While the kids were amazing, the parents were equally impressive. There was no pressure to complete any part of race. Don’t want to swim? Okay! Go hop on your bike. Don’t want to ride three loops? That’s fine! Parents today get a (deservedly) bad rap for their sports insanity. The Sunset Drive parents keep it real. It makes for a much more pleasant day.)

But wait! There’s more! I chose a few, select triathletes to interview before and after the race. I picked the ones who looked “elite”. Who were mean and lean and ready to battle. Mostly, I picked the ones who wouldn’t make fun of my hairbrush/microphone.

Sunset kids tri 016Asking the hard-hitting questions. Just what you expect from the TMT News Team.

To watch the videos, simply click here. It will take you to my YouTube channel, TMT-TV. You must watch them. They are hilarious.

Many thanks to the Terranovas and Braces for inviting me to the party. I’ll be there next year, hopefully with a real microphone!

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