Slacking Accomplished


Stop looking at me with your judgey, heavily mascara-ed eyes.

I am almost at the end of my no training week.  I haven’t heard from Ms. Fisher. I assume she is Down Undah, making a kale facial mask after a 12 mile hike up a volcano and boxing 10 rounds with a kangaroo. No matter. I am having a week free of training AND guilt. My bike got some TLC, and so did my hip with a big, fat needle filled with cortisone plunged into it. (After two+ years of pain, fingers crossed for some relief.) Bills paid, car washed, and yoga yoga-ed. Yesterday, my family and I tore up Hershey Park. This should really be considered interval work, as we sprinted from roller coaster to roller coaster (1 SkyRush, 1 Great Bear, 2 wooden, and 3 Storm Runners), only taking breaks for chocolate refueling.

057 038 051

Here we are, in various stages of upside-downness. Nobody puked!

And tonight I see Neil Patrick Harris in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. I can’t decide on what to wear:

hedwigI already have gold go-go boots and a blond wig, so…

What remains? Well, I don my reporter’s hat and dig out my trusty notebook and pencil

(like this guy:  Dad with notebook and hat size adjusted )

and head back to NYC on Saturday to cover the Panasonic/Lifetime NYC Triathlon. My preparations for this assignment include memorizing the Spectator’s Guide and buying a better camera. My press assistant Snarky G. and I will cover the Expo on Saturday and the race in its entirety on Sunday. I have requested press credentials. I can’t wait to hear back from them. It should be good for a laugh. They gave them to me! Oh, man. This is going to be the greatest spectation event ever. I can’t wait to take pictures of mediocre triathletes riding $10,000 bikes. Given that the stage is Manhattan and that 4,000 athletes are participating, it should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

We will also be hunting for Manhattan’s best donut. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the Comments section below.

Half of my team will be competing in the race, so a good luck shout out to the Race Director, the Reverend, and Mrs. Donovan.


Full race coverage starts and ends on Monday with a TMT Race Report, right here at, where at least 14 people get all of their breaking triathlon news. (That’s right! We’re growing!)

I handled the week off like a champion slacker. I may have lost a smidge of fitness. But the trade-off for peace of mind was more than fair. Next week I’ll jump back into it, well rested and razor-sharp.

Razor-sharp. Oh God, that’s funny.

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