Great (ex)Spectations-A TMT Race Report


 Except for the third Saturday in July.

The Stone Harbor Triathlon was on Saturday, and I was a spectator. I’ve done the race once, back when I was a triathlete pup. Then the next year I watched it, and that was that. The course is not closed to traffic. It’s a resort town, it’s July, and it’s Saturday morning at prime donut retrieval time. Watching the bike portion of the race is a Cringe Fest (toward the end of the race, there was a NJ Transit bus on the course with the cyclists), so I prefer to stand on the sidewalk, take pictures, and yell at the competitors. Most of the time I yell nice stuff.

Here I am with Coach (a.k.a. Jason Kilderry, a.k.a. the Leprechaun) fueling to spectate. Carb up!


I’d like to give a shout out to a classic. Entenmann’s Chocolate Frosted. #shoutout.

The race starts with a quarter-mile swim in the basin behind the Stone Harbor Yacht Club. For a swimmer like The Jelly Bean, that’s a walk in the park. Here she is, beating ALL SWIMMERS out of the water in the Elite wave, and as a result regaining her title as “Queen of the Water”!


Here are two speedy competitors, racing out of the Yacht Club parking lot to attack the bike course, which was wet from early morning rain.


Here are some shots of the triathletes on the bike course, riding bikes:


I don’t know this guy, but he’s awesome. And he’s patriotic.


Some other riders that I don’t know, but I think they are awesome, too.

And here are lots of runners, running:


Bonnie, a Senior Olympics gold medal swimmer and a fellow WBTU teammate, finished strong and grabbed the AG win.


Pretty in pink, but needs a shave.


Ran down every woman but one, with a smile.


Snarky G. killed it, coming in third OA.


I don’t know him, but he has nice muscles. And when I said so he smiled at me, and he has a nice smile and he’s really cute. What?


Mr. Donovan, with a little flair.


South Jersey running legend, Mike Mader.


New papa Tim Pappas getting it done on the run. His newborn son was overheard saying that while he was pleased with dad’s overall effort, that dad could have worked a little harder on the bike. I thought that this statement was rather presumptuous from an 8-week old. But that’s just one mediocre triathlete’s opinion.


CMCH’s own Michael Cronin, finishing with his three young sons. I think they slowed him down on the bike a little. Training wheels will do that.

I learned a lot from watching this race. Primarily, I need a better camera. Also, watching a race is fun! I loved yelling at my friends to “make it hurt” or “go catch that guy” or “push harder” while I finished my second donut (it was a two-pack). I learned that some race directors like to hear themselves talk into a megaphone. I learned that, at this particular race, you don’t have to thank the volunteers, because there are no volunteers. And I learned that a NJ Transit bus should not be on a race course. (Duh.)

Congratulations to all my pals who crushed it! And keeping in the grand TMT tradition….

trob bomb

 Bombs away!

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