Islandman! (A TMT Race Report)


Are you talking about having success at failing? Or success is better than failing? Does the failure continue and mingle in with the success? Will the failure eventually end? On another note, that hoop earring is too big.  Are you trying to look like a gypsy? If so, then you’ve succeeded. Oh, now I get it. You sneaky son of a bitch.

Where was I? Oh, Islandman.

The day was a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS. Beautiful blue skies! Happy people everywhere! Plenty of soft sand to enjoy running through!

All I’ll say about my race is that I raced with minimal pain on Saturday.  I haven’t done that in years. I was actually able to push myself to my fitness limit versus my pain limit.  That’s the good news. The bad news is I discovered that these two limits are thisclose to each other. No big whoop.

Here are the highlights:


Nothing better than sharing pain and agony with your closest friends. Old friends (Tommy D, DJ Bruce, Sue R, RMM, Shannon, Rich “I got no game” Boz, Danny F, Marky B, and the Naces), new friends (Susan S, Main Line Michael and BFF Jordan), and “newbie” friends (Jennifer).


The Before

wpid-wp-1404043829338.jpegThe After


The Race Director!


A few months ago my little brother Brian Duffy crashed, broke bones, required surgery, and used up all the Band-Aids in the house. On Saturday, he successfully defended his Islandman title. He’s won it eight times. The race is only nine years old. The beauty of this podium shot is that all of these athletes are really nice guys.


Adam Webber is number two on the podium, but number one in our hearts. And he would crush us all on the basketball court.

3. KIDS!

Really, the IslandKids race should get its own post. I just need 50 more pictures. I’ll just say here that it’s the BEST part of the day. And almost all of the parents were well-behaved. I only had to chase one camera-toting dad out of transition. More pics to come!


Strong finish!


I wish I had thought of this sooner.

islandman podium podium2 wpid-wp-1404042625582.jpeg


I’m happy to say that I’m in with the In Crowd. A great group. A special shout out to my new BFF Jordan V., second from right. When she found out about my blog, she said, “OH MY GOD, YOU ARE THE MEDIOCRE TRIATHLETE??? I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!” Now I know how big celebrities feel. It’s nice.


Hey, BFF. How you doin’? Call me for a mani/pedi day.

Maybe the best part of day was later in the afternoon on the beach. I was walking into the ocean for a dip, and a little girl was standing next to me. She was about seven, and she had a race number Sharpied onto her arm. I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to my own Sharpied arm and said, “Look, I did it too.” She absolutely lit up like a Christmas tree, pointed to the numbers on her arm, and said, “Me too! It was awesome!” What’s better than that?

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