Tour De Shore 2014

Hello. My name is Laura Pyott, and I am a mediocre triathlete. Oh, I’m sorry.  For a minute there I thought I was back in group therapy. circle of people

Well, it’s late and that guy’s coming around with the lawn mower again.  We better wrap this up.

Don’t doubt it for a second-I am a PROUD mediocre triathlete. I wasn’t always so proud. For years, I felt like a failure to my family, friends, and colleagues at work. I contemplated quitting. I struggled with loser anxiety. I hung my head in shame because I couldn’t bring home the big prizes. You know those fabulous age group awards, like baseball caps, and coffee mugs, and beer coolies. hand

SOMEBODY ELSE went home with this. Losing really hurts.

No, no.  None of that is true.  Good Lord, that would be pathetic, wouldn’t it? I mean, I just reread what I wrote and that certainly wasn’t me.  Couldn’t have been.  Probably wasn’t.  It’s hazy.

And so with the wisdom of old age (and 18 months of therapy), I crash headlong into the 2014 triathlon season with my full mediocrity showing. My race calendar is filled with challenging and fun events that are all within a one-hour drive of my happy place in Avalon. This is my own Triathlon Tour De Shore.  No flights to book and no bags to pack. Here we go:

  1. Escape the CapeJune 8, Cape May-I did this! Race completed, race report written. Keep up. C’mon, son.
  2. IslandmanJune 28, Avalon -The hometown race. The Islandman Triathlon is in its ninth year.  How do I know this? Because I’ve done it every year. Ocean swim, a 12 mile bike with 30 turns, and a beach run that shows me no mercy. Later that morning, Islandkids Triathlon is an event to see. The adult racers acts as mentors to the kids. So fun, and all for charity.
  3. Iron Soldiers BiathlonJuly 12, Ocean City-This event kicks your butt and touches your heart.  One mile ocean swim, 4 mile beach run.  Freddie Klevan, the man, the myth, the legend, charges no entry fee.  But you must bring a treat for the troops, which he will then send overseas. And the event always honors a Fallen Warrior. Who’s better than Freddie? Nobody. (For more info on Philly Treats for Troops, click here.)
  4. ManlandJuly 26, Stone Harbor-By Invitation Only.  This is the real Stone Harbor Tri. Buzzy Meagher conducts this race from his backyard lagoon and driveway.  BIG party afterwards. LOTS of donuts.
  5. BrigantineAugust 2, The Brig-This race has been around for a long time-27 years! Short race with a big crowd. Early August, so it’s usually a nice, cool day. Not.
  6. Tri the WildwoodsAugust 16, Wildwood-Expect a wild ride! No pun there.  Because this race is at the peak of hurricane season, you can count on the ocean being nuts. And I love it! Best post-race breakfast ever, thanks to the lovely and talented Jamie Del Monte.
  7. Atlantic CitySeptember 14, Atlantic City-Third and final Delmo race.  Riding on the Atlantic City Expressway is fast and fun.  And running on the AC Boardwalk reminds me of my pageant days when I was competing as Miss…, oh listen to me. Prattling on.

It should be an awesome summer, full of great races and meeting new people.  And who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and wind up on the podium and win one of these: ice guy

 You know what this is, right? Yeah, me neither.

So, what’s on your race schedule? (Imagine that I said that like Sam Jackson.) If our “tours” overlap, I hope I get to meet you!

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